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Supreme Court Upholds Religious & Moral Exemptions From Obamacare’s Birth Control Mandate
by Causes
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  • JunnaLayn

    GOOD NEWS! There might be a way around this if what I am about to present could work for someone working for a morally corrupt company (That is unless that company pays for the upbringing of all those children!) I have and have had, for several years when employed, a high-deductible health insurance plan. I pay very little for this plan. I put what I would be paying for a premium plan and more, into my health savings plan (HSA); it's not taxed and helps to reduce income tax. An HSA is different from a 'cafeteria or flexible plan in that the money paid into the account is yours; you keep it and earn dividends! Where as with the other you 'use it or lose it' and don't gain dividends. (I do use both) Birth control is covered by an HSA. As long as a company offers a type 'C' plan, they cannot prevent the use of HSA to purchase. BTW: I went through cancer treatments with this insurance set-up and I barely touched the savings account. Once I reached that high-deductible ($5000) EVERYTHING was covered at 100% until I was cleared. Disclaimer - not all 'c' class policies are the same. The hardest part of setting up your health insurance in this was is the first year. You're establishing the HSA. If something catastrophic happens you would need to come up with the cash to cover the deductible. I started in my 40's and have been paying into my HSA as much as legally possible every year. When I can pay out of pocket for a Dr visit or a prescription, I do. I'm saving as much as possible to use when retired.

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