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‘Congress Needs to Act Now on Police Reform’ – A Message From Countable Founder Bart Myers
by Causes
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  • Midnite

    I don't expect either side of the aisle to much of anything. All of you are oligarchs and it takes a police state to protect yourselves. The next time I hear a R talk about 'freedom' I think I'll throw up in my mouth. The next time I hear a D talk about what the R's are doing wrong and how they will fix it I think I'll smash the device I'm reading it on. L's?.... puleeze!... that stuff will finish what little bit of democracy we have left. This country has not been great since the parties were able to come together on common sense reforms in the times that it was needed. I hold no hope that it will ever be like that again. The days of public servants doing what's right for all of America ended in 1963. You want to be the great politician that you think you are? Get a F* backbone. Be the first to challenge your party and turn this around.


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