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Trump Promises Intense ‘Pressure’ to Get Schools Reopened for Fall – Do You Support Pressuring Schools to Reopen?
by Causes
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  • Michael
    Voted No

    See, I remember my childhood and I have been helping a friend with their kids for the past 11yrs. They catch pretty much any virus that is going around and pass it on to others. So, I am not for reopening schools at a rate that will put people’s lives in danger. To add to this not every child is of a maturity level equal to their years of life for various reasons. Parents, let alone teachers, have a hard enough time getting kids to follow rules, be they basically set in stone or temporarily. Depending on that maturity level, depends on how hard or easy it will be to maintain 6ft of distance or masks. Especially as this is not a every day thing, but a temporary thing.

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