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Trump Promises Intense ‘Pressure’ to Get Schools Reopened for Fall – Do You Support Pressuring Schools to Reopen?
by Causes
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  • Terri
    Voted No

    NO, NO, NO!!!! It is not safe for children, teachers and school staff for schools to open. I live in Florida and our less than illustrious governor is following trump's ill conceived plan to open schools...even if the kids don't get sick they will carry the virus home to their parents and care givers...even if the kids survive, the teachers and school staff might is an outrageous plan to totally obliterate the people of the United States who are just regular people...and why does our government want to kill us all off...cause we aren't rich! IT is the middle class that drives the economy...and they want to kill us. Trump will be the end of the US as we know it..but that's ok because stock market is doing fine (sarcasm, if you didn't read it in the sentence)

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