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Supreme Court Upholds Religious & Moral Exemptions From Obamacare’s Birth Control Mandate
by Causes
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  • Alison
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    Birth control is not a moral or religious issue. As a Catholic school student, I took birth control for years to control my iron deficiency anemia. Without it, I had monthly fainting episodes (from blood loss) at school or church and would usually have to be carried out by someone I don’t know. Often paramedics were called, who would try to convince me to go in an ambulance or to the emergency room to get checked out. This cost my family a lot of money, because insurance only covered so much. In college, I was footing the bill myself, on a student budget, with no health insurance. One of the day episodes resulted in me needing to have a blood transfusion that cost $7K and had to sign a waiver that I understood the risks, which included death. They wanted me to follow up with my primary care physician but I didn’t have one. So I went to Planned Parenthood and got a prescription for affordable monthly birth control. They instructed me how to take it so I’d know when the first day of my cycle was (so I could be somewhere safe or with someone in case I fainted) or how to skip the placebo week and take them continuously to avoid having a monthly cycle and thus have no fainting or debilitating cramps (ie missed days of work & school). When court cases like this one first came up, that employers might be able to deny birth control based on their religious beliefs, I was living in a conservative state & scared I wouldn’t be able to get my needed medication. So I got a 5 year IUD with my new employer based health insurance so I would have peace of mind that it couldn’t be taken away.


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