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‘Congress Needs to Act Now on Police Reform’ – A Message From Countable Founder Bart Myers
by Causes
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  • Bryce

    How about this how about stop saying #DefundThePolice How about leaders get together and figure this out ie Church Leaders, Community Leaders, heads of police Departments and a few cops out on the streets, Local Mayors and Governors, DC is so blinded they can't see anything or do anything except pander. Also how about fixing our homes? How about fixing the #Don'tSnitch policy in crime ridden neighborhoods? How about we protest the real injustices because #BlackChildrenLivesMatter #EnoughIsEnough #SayTheirNames #MekhiJames #CharlesRiley #JasonFrancis #AmariaJones #SincereGaston #NataliaWallace #LenaAnaya #SecorieaTurner I don't see anyone raising $100's of millions for them or famous people paying for their funerals or them having three nationally televised funerals. What happened to #GeorgeFloyd was wrong and that cop deserves everything coming to him. Taking money away from police that can provide better training, better pay to bring in more police so they are not over worked, getting rid of the bad apples and making sure they can't sign on somewhere else, setting up community meetings and relations needs to happen. I will say though we need to fix the home too. the loss of these children and many others has happened in just the last 30 days how many more do we have to lose to black on black crime before we all say #EnoughIsEnough Why are we not out protesting their murders? #TheirLivesMatterMore!!!!


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