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AOC Calls $1B NYPD Budget Cut Insufficient: 'Defunding the Police Means Defunding the Police'
by Causes
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  • Carolyn
    Voted No

    HELL NO. How did AOC ever get involved in our government. Chicago is a shithole and getting worse everyday. Any large city with a democratic mayor and governor is a mess. This George Floyd killing has nothing to do with what is going on in this country. This is all a plan by Soros and his followers to turn this country into a socialist mess. Why is that man even allowed to be here. He turned Jews into the Nazis at 16 years old. And hasn't done anything decent since then. I am sure he is funding the looting and violence going on now. Minneapolis is following in the Chicago, New York footsteps. No one wants to go there to make deliveries, no one wants to go there for any reason. Mayor Crybaby and the Governor could have stopped the burning and looting before it started but didn't. Go ahead, defund the police and see what happens.

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