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Georgia Governor Declares State of Emergency, Mobilizes National Guard After Weekend of Violence
by Causes
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  • Mary
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    The national guard should have been called a long time ago! But no. Our country has to be ripped apart, no thanks to democratic leaders that either don’t have the back bone to insist on law and order OR power grabbing democratic politicians who don’t mind watching everything be ripped to shreds, people dying and causing chaos to make it look as bad as it can to try and win an election! These unpatriotic treason working politicians are only fooling and fueling all you haters. You are so blind to think it is Trump who is the hater and a racist. You hate and accuse anyone related in any way to Trump of being a racist. You people cause more defensiveness and hatred just by the foul views you spit out on this website. You just show to everyone with different views how little you know. I hope these governors will finally stop this violence and call the National Guard. Stop tearing down our history and learn from it. Don’t rewrite it! Stop watching people loose there rights, the place where they live, there businesses, there neighborhoods and there lives! Stop letting good police do there job to protect us, medical help from coming to our rescue and the fire departments racing to put out fires these so called protesters feel they have the right to start! Stop accusing everyone of being a racist if they support President Trump and don’t agree with you! NStop being IDIOTS!!!


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