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Trump: Public Schools Teach Kids to ‘Hate Their Own Country’ - Do You Share Trump's Concerns?
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  • Martha
    Voted No

    An emphatic NO. I don't like even debating words from trump, because he is stupid and has been a liar all his life. He's not a thinker, nor a reader. He never LEARNED in school, doesn't have a clue what democracy is or means. A part of me feels sorry for him (a small part) that he was raised only to value money and material things, and so, is missing out on what life truly can be. I come from a military family, and rather than being indoctrinated into trump's" love it or leave it" mindset, I was taught to fight for my country's values by questioning the government's decisions, if I saw them going astray. I come from very enlightened parents, who revered our country BECAUSE of its VALUES >>> and passed that onto us children. I feel so fortunate to have a brain that was taught to critically think. When you teach children an honest history of this country (which is not yet fulfilled, but will be, when textbooks are decided by educated, nonpartisan committees), you are STRENGTHENING our democracy, not teaching hate or a false sense of bullshit USA USA!!! We are not better than other people, just lucky to have been born here or naturalized here, to reap the benefits of all our country has to offer. With great gifts, comes the responsibility to give back, help others.

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