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Trump Admin Informs World Health Organization of Intent to Withdraw - Do You Support the Move?
by Causes
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  • Marilyn
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    Why did he pull our scientists and epidemiologists Who were in China to monitor and gather data in the event of a pandemic? They knew of the virus and pulled our science team. Nothing is ever coincidence with Trump and his syncopats. When you understand this the effects of this abhorrent negligence along with all of the lives is criminal. Yet, still to this day they do not have any actual scientific coherent cohesive plan for this pandemic or re opening. Similar to claiming that hes getting rid of the ACA and replacing it with a much bigger greater plan. Nada, zip nothing there is no plan and never was, except to try to get rid of the ACA during a pandemic. Instead of dealing with the facts we have short term gain for long term pain. Most other countries took the opposite approach and have managed this virus and its consiquences with better results for their citizens and economy. Stimulus ppes are a joke, and did not reach those who really needed or who really sustain our economy with no oversight. Their idea of policy is to keep throwing spaghetti and see what sticks to keep everyone distracted from the facts and their incompetence. I do not agree with pulling from the Who, if hes so concerned with the relationship with China why in the world would this even make sense? Especially now you remain, gather allies and work from within for change and information or lack thereof. As with everything he does he weakens Americans stance by retreating or giving it away for a price. For who? and Why?

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