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The DC: Trump moves to pull U.S. out of WHO, and... 🎵 Should the U.S. ban TikTok?
by Causes
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  • Roger

    good question azalea and while we’re at it why does Donnie’s opinion mean anything to anyone? he has already shown himself to be a liar and someone not to be trusted and all governments count your fingers if they shake his hand ! I see a lot of trump after reading what marget trump has to say about Donnie I understand a lot of the Donnie’s thinking’s he’s not right in the head he’s a life long con man and compulsive liar he can’t stop himself daddy trump always cleaned up his mess he has never had to account for his actions he has the thinking of a 2 year old ! the U S should be in the WHO ! 🇺🇸. dump Donnie !

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