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Risk of Catching COVID-19 Doing 30+ Activities
by Countable's Coronavirus Info Center
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  • Jessica

    If I catch it, I’ll most likely be in the MASSIVE group of people who are NOT affected. People need to stop letting the media scare them and look at facts. A cursory search on Google will have anyone shaking in their boots, but if you crunch some numbers and take a look at some more neutral media sources, then you start to really realize how much BS this entire “pandemic” actually is. We need to re open schools, re open all of society, stop forcing people to cover their faces as if we lived in the Middle East instead of the greatest country in the world, and stop this ridiculous power play and fear mongering. Also take a look around at how many people you know that have it. If they do, how have they been affected? Of all the people I know, I only of two that know of anyone who knows someone that has tested positive. I DO know of several who have friends or family who passed away from totally unrelated causes but were labeled as having died of covid. I know of someone who knows of someone who knows a person that tested positive, was asymptomatic and didn’t “infect“ ANYONE who lives or worked with her. This terrible virus has not infected me or my family or friends in any way other than to scare them because of what the media has to say.

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