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AOC Calls $1B NYPD Budget Cut Insufficient: 'Defunding the Police Means Defunding the Police'
by Causes
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  • Allyson
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    Trumps administration plan to cut our education systems budget by 7.1 billion dollars. I am sure the police will do fine....Eduction however, is in dire need of funding!!!!! If we educate the children and give ALL CHILDREN AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY maybe crime rates will go down. If they are in school learning, then continue their education to college, then that leads them into a career path.... they make something out of their lives! DEFUND THE POLICE EVEN MORE AND PUT THE MONEY INTO THE SCHOOL SYSTEMS... or is there some sort of hidden agenda where if the children were to get a great education it will stop putting money in pockets of wealthy business men.... hmmm, just something to think about....

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