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Trump Signs Bill Extending Paycheck Protection Program Lending
by Countable's Coronavirus Info Center
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  • jimK
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    This program has, for the most part failed to meet objectives. Large forgivable loans to Kanye West, properties co-owned by Trump and deVoss, Trump’s campaign sponsored company hired to track cell phone users as they go to the polls, large distributed exchange listed companies, evangelical churches and other questionable recipients are just plain wrong and runs totally counter to the intent of the legislation. Even the banks earned huge fees for processing the loans; to date, J P Morgan has cleared over eight hundred million dollars just for processing loan applications! I know that several big banks made investments to the RNC program to capture key StateHouses in states where the census will require redistricting - with the sole intend of Gerrymandering the redistricting. Hey, if you cannot win fairly, let’s pay off allies to help you cheat, AHOLES. THE PPP PROGRAM HAS TURNED INTO YET ANOTHER TRUMP AND TRUMPUBLICAN TRANSFER OF TAXPAYER DEBT DIRECTLY TO THEIR OWN POCKETS AND TO THEIR SUPPORTERS. A total misuse of funds intended to keep small businesses, who do not have access to big bank loans, afloat to keep people employed. Does anyone realize how much more effective this program would have been if PPP funds went where they were intended to go - or even if they went straight to the people in financial distress who would immediately stimulate the economy because of their need to spend the money and stimulate the economy instead of pocketing the funds and taking them out of the economy.

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