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Should the U.S. Ban TikTok?
by Causes
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  • jimK

    TikTok is a known Chinese intelligence tool. As I recall, the terms of service allows TikTok to use, at their sole discretion, any image or video that is posted on TikTok - and it may also include any information at all that a user shares. So, yeah there are some legitimate concerns about TikTok and it’s potential for being used abusively by the Chinese government. I often wonder where the bots get the user pictures that they put on their automated personas used to spread disinformation. This has all been known about TikTok for quite sometime. No political leader seemed to care until the trump wanted vengeance on someone or something for the youth that applied online with TikTok to attend his Tulsa rally- with no intention of coming. I find this a most encouraging endorsement of the awareness of our youth and their remarkable ingenuity to make a meaningful political statement. If TikTok gets pulled or it’s TOS is corrected to prevent misuse, it really does not matter. Our industrious youth will find other ways to make their statement- they are realizing that their futures are at risk by the current ineptitude of our government.

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