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Trump: Public Schools Teach Kids to ‘Hate Their Own Country’ - Do You Share Trump's Concerns?
by Causes
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  • Seth-Garrett-Gitter
    Voted No

    ABSOLUTELY NOT! I don't have children but, I was a child once, and I was a little surprised when they took the 'Pledge of Allegiance' away. Think about those words, pledge, and & of, and & allegiance. When u put 2+2+2 together, you will always get 6. ALWAYS! It is a very powerful and easy song, demonstrating how 'united' we (Americans) are, by pledging an allegiance, to each other, & to our allies by showing how united we are. No matter how hard the perils, WE PREVAILED! trump is just talking shit. He should just drop out, admit he's a business man not, a political figure, but and gracefully, showing 1 single act of making an error (every single human is the same, we all make mistakes) JUST ADMIT IT! School's do the 'absolute opposite', they teach how to socialize within each other. Hate is something you are taught and learned, something that you aquire, it is not love. Love, you're born with, raised with. That's what schools teach! EVERYTHING YOU ARE NOT! (trump)

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