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Daily Coronavirus Cases Hit New High - Should Masks be Mandatory?
by Causes
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  • Glenn
    Voted No

    Wearing surgical masks is something that intelligent people will do when going out into public places. There is no need for a Federal MANDATE. This is America, not a Communist Country with totalitarian rule. It should be up to each Governor to require masks and under what conditions depending upon conditions on the ground in and around the State. It is a States Rights issue and we do not need Big Brother in Washington, D.C. dictating what we must do in our own States and Communities, depending upon the current conditions. Governors must have the freedom to make these decisions and that is why President Trump leaves it up to the individual Governors in each State to make masks mandatory or recommended. In localities where there is no spread of COVID-19 there may be no justifiable reason to mandate masks be worn by everyone. 'Mandate' is the key word operating here. Congress should highly recommend masks or not, but there is no way that such a Federal mandate could be enforced if it were mandated. Personal responsibility is key to wearing masks, especially if fines are imposed by Governors or if you could be taken off of a flight for refusing to wear one. Governors and Airlines rule. Store and restaurant owners can request that you leave if masks are required therein their establishment. In that case it is a very local issue and anyone making a bad choice about wearing a mask, if required, will have to leave or not be waited upon. People who make bad choices in life must live with the consequences.


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