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Trump: Public Schools Teach Kids to ‘Hate Their Own Country’ - Do You Share Trump's Concerns?
by Causes
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  • Cindy
    Voted No

    I don't really agree that it teaches kids to "hate" their country. But, the teachings should reflect what actually happened explaining all sides of an event. When i was in school, it was more the "white-washed" history. As i've grown older, and as information is more available, i certainly still LOVE this country, but it was a more complicated process that what i might have heard (or was taught) in the classrooms. But, i am hoping the teaching is of the real history that our country has faced - both good and bad - and yet in the end understanding that this is still a pretty great country in spite of her differences. I am hoping that we are learning that our differences make us a stronger country to interact in the world today. But, as every generation, we can always do better.

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