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Georgia Governor Declares State of Emergency, Mobilizes National Guard After Weekend of Violence
by Causes
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  • Robert
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    Jamie I guess you think these gang fights in the streets were caused by the police? The police are called where peaceful protest are to actually protect them from outside interference. Also looking at some of the bigger cities like Milwaukee NYC Chicago if you are a mayor you are saying these protest some of which have turned to open riots and looting that you don’t want it in your city. Yes peaceful protest with thousands of marchers is what this constitution was all about. Riots and looting is not a right, and it’s against normal law and order. When the killing of that young black man which by the tapes started out like a normal stop and questioning of an individual for cause, that after a while escalated very fast into a fight caused by the individual who now was resisting the arrest by the officers. Now a normal individual would say I have love ones at home and kids. These bastard officers are not listening to me and are going to put the cuffs on me. They will read me my rights and put me in the police car and take me to the station. Before putting me in the cell I will have a seat on a bench in the locked holding area with the two officers who will talk with the sergeant on duty and explain what is going on. Due to the protesters and some riots in other cities he may suggest we all apologize and have my cuffs removed and set me free with no charges. However if they all 3 continue on with the arrest before I would actually be placed in jail since this was not a violent crime because I didn’t fight and run I will get a chance to call a bail bondsman and when they come I will get out without spending one minute in a cell. I will get my day in court to tell it to the judge who will either dismiss the case or maybe a $25 fine. This was the choice to fight and run steeling the officers tasers (which the same city prosecutors charged two officers 2 weeks prior who used the officers taser on two college kids with using deadly force with a weapon. They were charged with felony attempted murder. Now this young man was using the same type police taser shooting at the officers and missing but this somehow two weeks later is no longer a deadly weapon? Anyway the individual is now shot and dead. His other choice was to make a short detour to jail and then go home and be with his family. If he BTW had hit the officers with the taser he could have disabled him and got his gun shot him in the head and then shot the other officer. Now he would have got away but would now have 2 felony murder charges killing two officers.

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