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The DC: SCOTUS rules states can curb 'faithless electors,' and... 🏫 Do you share Trump's concerns that schools teach kids to 'hate their country'?
by Causes
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  • Jenny

    As a teacher, I see firsthand what our schools teach our students. We strive to supply comprehensive education that encompasses as many perspectives as possible. Many of our nation’s schools are considered “21st Century School”, of which one of the tenets is to teach students the skill of listening to multiple perspectives. It seems as though Trump is grasping at straws to win his re-election, and using the nation’s students as ammunition does not seem to be beneath him. I urge you to please consider the severe social setbacks if teachers are required to teach what Trump is preaching. If this catastrophic change is made, then the public should also prepare itself for teachers to provide inclusive instruction in the secrecy of closed doors. Thousands of teachers could lose their jobs and then our public education system would truly be in a state of chaos. Please think of our students. Your children. Your families.

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