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Mapping the Coronavirus Outbreak in the U.S. — 57.6K Cases & 897 Deaths Reported Thursday
by Causes
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  • Judy

    I think there are so many harmful viruses because wild animals are losing their homes due to human expansion into wilderness areas. The animals are being forced to come closer to humans in order to survive -- bringing diseases with them. As for Trump, didn't Don Lemon say that if you want to stay alive, do not listen to Trump? So many of the Trump supporters (elderly) have died. There goes a bunch of Trump votes. Then his supporters who refuse to wear masks could end up being another bunch who won't be voting....and of course the ones who drink bleach, household disinfectants, and other stuff not meant for human consumption. So, I really think Trump should reconsider how he is leading people in this pandemic .... It's not working out good for anyone, and especially not for him.


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