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Trump: Public Schools Teach Kids to ‘Hate Their Own Country’ - Do You Share Trump's Concerns?
by Causes
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  • Jessica
    Voted No

    In fact, I feel we are given a whitewashed version of history to appeal as if we have been saviors, fighters for freedom and helpful across the globe when we are just as guilty (and more so in some cases) of brutal oppression, suppression and hold monetary value over life. We were taught this country is what makes everything happen- our education, our resources, our unity. In truth we are incredibly divided and played against each other. We teach we accept all as it is the land of the free. In political action and in law we not only do not practice or enforce this, but we systemically create loopholes to avoid it. We are broken. We learn as adults when we are able to calculate and understand what the hell is going on here and we finally see we’ve been lied to. Pathetic excuse for condoning hatred and being upset not everyone agrees with it. 👎

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