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GOP Congressman Calls on White House to Disband Coronavirus Task Force 'So Trump’s Message Is Not Mitigated or Distorted'
by Causes
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  • Edward
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    The Republican Lackiy's in congress are trying to curry favor with their biggest contributors who don't give a tinkers dam about the lives of the average worker. If the economy is open they make money and the workers suffer with the virus. If the economy is closed they don't make money and the workers stay safe. Also if the economy is open the Republicans don't have to tell the people that they haven't put away any reserves to keep the people safe even though they've been telling us the economy is great. If the economy was so great where is the paydown on the national debt? Where is the reserve for handling crises like the one we're having? Where are the Cost Of Living raises for the military, government workers and the retired?

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