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The DC: 🏛 Trump orders ‘National Garden of American Heroes’ to counter statue destruction, and... Do local governments spend too much on law enforcement?
by Causes
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  • Jake

    WHO SUPPORTS THIS? I’m shocked anyone still publicly supports Trump after his most important advisor was confirmed to have been a white nationalist, but just look at the moment we are in - millions taking to the streets and confronting our racist past and refusing to continue glorifying and enshrining slavers. And what does Trump do in this moment? Uses our precious tax dollars to demand new monuments instead of repairing crumbling roads, bridges and a schools? Trump includes slavers on the list, knowing they condoned ownership of human beings. This is not like saying “nobody’s perfect” to someone who had some unpaid taxes or a DWI, this is systematic kidnapping, false imprisonment, forced labor, torture, rape, murder and crimes against humanity. It doesn’t matter if “it was normal” back then, you had people saying at the time it was criminal and immoral, and anyone with common sense and decency knows it was pure evil no matter who else was doing it. ADDING INSULT: To make things worse, Trump tries to launder his list by including famous African-Americans. This tokenization is a cheap attempt to pander which only reveals his racist hypocrisy. Why are Harriet Tubman and Frederick Douglass admired? Because they stood up and fought against slavery. To exploit them by putting them on a list with slavers is yet another racist provocation. Next, the inclusion of Billy Graham is a naked attempt to pander to evangelical voters and inject religion into this racist proposal, which violates the United States Constitution’s establishment clause separating church and sate. Finally, you have the inclusion of right wing neocon Ronald Reagan which politicizes the whole thing, showing it to be a taxpayer funded publicity stunt. Even if you love Reagan, to make this a partisan exercise should make you vomit as a taxpayer.

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