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Trump Orders Creation of ‘National Garden of American Heroes’ to Counter Statue Destruction – Do You Support a Monument?
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    What a magnificent idea. Finally, someone that is working to preserve our history--which isn't perfect but sure better than that of other countries. The socialist left and anarchists have been destroying our nations heritage/history by rioting, murdering, stealing, lying, breaking all manner of laws, and destroying property of all types. This President, whether you like him or not, has worked to preserve our laws, our history and our country. We, all people, make mistakes as have those that came before us. Are we going to look only at the negative (things we don't agree with) portions of a persons life/actions? Or are we going to say 'this portion I don't like so I am going to destroy their entire lives/history?' Everyone commenting on Countable I'm sure has made you want to be recognized for your mistakes or the majority of good you've done? Staying stuck in the negative only leads to more negative and division. I, for one, am sick and tired of all the nasty rhetoric about the past and against this president...there're far more positives. I'm sick and tired of everyone on the socialist left, who've never given President Trump a chance, complaining, lying, and dividing our Republic. Presidents are human beings. They ALL make mistakes and they all make good decisions as well. Those of you on the socialist left have worked diligently to find any/all excuses to malign this President. You're all backing biden...a man who has been in government for over 40 years and Vice President for 8. What did he do to make the changes you're demanding? Not a thing!!! Yet this president hasn't even been in office 4 full years and has never held a public office previously and is just naive enough to believe in the Constitution and Bill of Rights and laws on the books. Think about it--a man, biden, who has run for and been defeated for the position as president twice and is now running 'again' for the third time is who you on the socialist left wants to lead our nation. He has a history that proves he has done NOTHING to improve the situation our nation is now facing. NOTHING. He's a career politician that has lined his, and his family's, pockets on taxpayer money and to advance his own power and income. Most politicians, on both sides, have done this. A national heroes garden is a wonderful idea. The list I saw honors people from all walks of life for their achievements. What a wonderfully, positive image and history this will leave for our children and grandchildren to see and remember the history of our Republic.


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