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Your Turn: What Do You Love About America?
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  • Anthony
    Voted Excited

    I love our country and now more than ever we made a terrible mistake electing Trump and republicans not once but twice. November we will get to vote again and i believe control of our future will swing back to democrats and they will clean up this mess and if not then we have another election but Americans love a challenge that is what makes us great and we will rise above the mistakes of Trumps fascist agenda make no mistake he is a fascist his attacks on immigrants the free press the states and people who disagree with him and look what it has got us right now we can not even travel within our own boarders and we are limited to where we can travel anywhere but the thing is at the center is Trump and the republican agenda that is the problem and November we get to decide to change direction and get us back where we belong the leader of the free world


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