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Trump Orders Creation of ‘National Garden of American Heroes’ to Counter Statue Destruction – Do You Support a Monument?
by Causes
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  • Terry
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    How bloated is this moron's ego? JIMK SAID IT BEST: The photograph that heads this topic, the inference that the trump is attempting to make with this pose reviles me, disgusts me, insults me to the point that I must disagree with anything that this vile creature endorses or proposes. Where the f%@k is the plan for dealing with the pandemic which is spreading out of control across this country, where is the concern for the hundreds of thousands of lives which will be sacrificed on the trump's alter of self-serving greed as he continues to refuse to do anything productive to protect our populous from this pandemic, where is the replenishment of the national stockpile of PPE and other supplies needed for hospital workers (The current stockpile of N95 masks can be used up completely by just the needs of Arizona hospitals in a matter of days), where is the plan for dealing with Covid-19 survivors with lasting and sometimes permanent organ damage, will the DPA ever be used as a tool to provide PPE or medical glass and stoppers which will be required if we are lucky enough to develop a vaccine (and not the use of the DPA to enrich the trump's cohorts by shuttling government purchased supplies to distributers for mark up instead of directly to the States that need them), where is the plan for dealing with the increasing financial burden placed on people who will continue to suffer as enforced sequestering will increasingly be required to slow community spread, where the f%$k is there any leadership at all on any of matters that actually count? WHERE? How does posturing to protect confederate statues to honor those representing ideals that run counter to our country's principles and ideals do any good at all for anyone? I am so disgusted by the trump and his enablers that I find it hard to see past the rage that all of this instills in me. Mr. trump, shape up, do something useful - you might actually still be around for another four months. You and your enablers are walking very thin lines between increasing outrage and organized insurrection.

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