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Trump Orders Creation of ‘National Garden of American Heroes’ to Counter Statue Destruction – Do You Support a Monument?
by Causes
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  • Michele
    Voted Oppose

    His dumbest idea yet. More tax money spent to memorialize people who already have memorials or don't deserve to be seen as hero's. Unless they're white people hero's. Jefferson, owned 600+ slaves, Washington had 317. Madison had 100+. Lincoln may have freed slaves, but he also ordered the country's largest mass execution of Santee Sioux, ridding Minnesota of them on Dec 26, 1862 and thousands of Navajo killed in 1863-64. Reagan was likable but also sat idle while thousands died of AIDS 1981-86 before finally addressing it. Graham is a religious figure, not national. And Scalia? Really? Is that a joke? Trump just makes crap up, says it's law and Congress says sure. Here's an idea! A memorial with the likeness of Trump and all of Congress only surround it in metal bars. That would be a proper monument.

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