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How Much Do the Biggest Counties in the U.S. Spend on Police?
by Causes
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  • KellyKelly

    When I first heard Defund the Police I thought, huh? Then Abolish and thought, no way. And then I listened. I stopped thinking there was nothing to hear and instead listened. Defund does not mean that there in not a place and money for peace officers and law enforcement. But it does mean more specialty and support, both for the officers and for communities. When companies that innovate come out and disrupt our systems, reimagine ways we have been doing things and find new paths that make things better - Amazon, Zoom, Google, Airbnb, and so many more - why would we not really reflect and say perhaps there is a better way for policing and support for our communities- all of our communities- than how we have been doing things? Perhaps how it is now works for you, but does it for all our neighborhoods? If my neighbor gets pulled over for the color of her skin combined with turning on her turn signal too soon, it does not work. Why is deadly force used so often for offenses that don’t seem to warrant it? Point is: when we have already proved as a society so much success in taking the time to reimagine and think differently, why should anyone be afraid to explore the idea to actually defund a part of the police to make supporting communities better.


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