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Your Turn: What Do You Love About America?
by Causes
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  • Lynn

    My father was a teenager when American troops showed up to liberate Greece from the Nazis. He knew some English, so he served as an interpreter for US soldiers, and it was one of these soldiers who first gave him the idea of coming to this country for college. He came, married my mother, and stayed. What I love about America is the way we've drawn from the strengths of people from all over the world. People like my father, who went on to make a career in operations research. People like the Cambodian refugees whom my church sponsored, and whom my mother took into our house, at the time of Pol Pot. And people like my coworkers, who, just within my work group, have connections to Cambodia, Vietnam, the Dominican Republic, Ireland, Russia, and India, and who all join to work well together here. I also love our freedom of speech and religion, and the way we correct our wrongs, when we are held to account, as Black Lives Matter holds the country to account now.

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