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GOP Congressman Calls on White House to Disband Coronavirus Task Force 'So Trump’s Message Is Not Mitigated or Distorted'
by Causes
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  • Arlys
    Voted No

    Trump IS NOT GOD. He is not the almighty, powerful Wizard of Oz. Just as in the Movie, he is a con man catering to his own over blown ego. He is backed by enablers who are bleeding him dry to enhance the power of the G(ods) O(f) P(rivilege) who wish to turn our country into a fascist state and take away our liberties. Trump cares for nobody but himself and that's all there is to it. We need a health council to protect us from the ignorance of this man. Today he visits my beloved Black Hills of South Dakota. Sacred ground to the Lakota Nation. The heart of Great Spirit. His presence here is not welcomed by the majority. He has no respect for the land, the people, and what this place means to the people. This is all for "show" with the aid of our arse kissing governor and the big money of the Republican Party who are always buying elections and forcing their will on the common, everyday human being. May the power of this sacred land see his soul for what it is and not bless him.

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