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Your Turn: What Do You Love About America?
by Causes
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    The anarchy and destruction that is taking place in our Republic breaks my heart. This isn't what our forefathers planned when they created the Declaration of Independence and Bill Rights. What I'm witnessing are the actions of people from third world countries. We are ALL, not just one skin color, created equally and have been given the same rights. It's how we use those rights. There are bad people, people who are users/takers, freeloaders, rapists, murderers etc. Those are the minority. There are far more good people in this country. Until we all stand up for the laws of our country, put Americans first and treat others as we want to be treated nothing will change. Wake up people! We cannot change the past. Taking down statutes, disbanding the police, looting, murdering etc will not change anything--in fact, these actions lead to prejudice on the parts of those that were never prejudiced. We can change the future. Anarchy and chaos will not accomplish anything except destruction of our Republic.

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