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GOP Congressman Calls on White House to Disband Coronavirus Task Force 'So Trump’s Message Is Not Mitigated or Distorted'
by Causes
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    This suggestion is absurd. The task force is charged with finding answers to the questions about the virus and recommending the best means of dealing with the pandemic. No economic recovery is possible without containing the virus, so the idea of increasing uncertainty surrounding it by disbanding the task force is unlikely to convince people to go to work or go shopping or engage in travel. Then there's the moral/ethical issue of abandoning an effort to save lives in order to possibly save livelihoods. One would presume that right-to-lifers would value lives above jobs, but perhaps it's irrational to expect consistency from these people. We need to hear more from the medical professionals on the task force, and to comply with their recommendations. Shutting them down doesn't have any effect on the virus itself whatsoever. People will go on getting sick, and dying.

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