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GOP Congressman Calls on White House to Disband Coronavirus Task Force 'So Trump’s Message Is Not Mitigated or Distorted'
by Causes
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  • Peggy
    Voted No

    For all the good the administration is allowing the Task Force to do it's probably not worth the money. That said, "so that Trump's message is 'NOT DISTORTED????' " That stupidity is breathtaking. Trump's message IS a DISTORTION! Trump's message is NEVER NOT a DISTORTION! Trump is INCAPABLE of a statement that is NOT a DISTORTION! One literally cannot believe a word he says. It is alarming. . . nay terrifying. Keeps me awake at night. What if he were to actually tell the truth about a threat to national security? Who would, COULD believe him? His mendacity is simply mind-bending!

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