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The DC: Trump says painting ‘Black Lives Matter’ on 5th Ave would be ‘symbol of hate,' and... 📜 Should the Senate abolish the legislative filibuster?
by Causes
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  • Branon

    Painting BLM everywhere is not hate but do we really want BLM painted on roads to be ran over constantly. Also how will it effect driving? It sends a crappy message for people to be driving on and walking on it. Instead increase funding for inner city schools, increase funding for low income individuals to receive grants for schooling and business. Lets give people a hand up instead of a handout or a half hearted measure such as painting BLM on a sidewalk. As for ending filibusters that is a double bladed sword that will cut both ways. Soon as a party gains the upper hand they’ll be able to undue everything the previous party did and enact laws that will be repealed when the other party takes power.


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