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U.S. Economy Gains Record 4.8 Million Jobs in June to Beat Expectations, Extend Pandemic Rebound
by Causes
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  • Fiatagata
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    The rebound is a fake one at best. The millions of people that were laid off are now being asked to reapply all over again. The numbers will show up as new jobs created. How many people lost their jobs? And why is the unemployment rate still at 11%? Was it 20 million people that lost their jobs by the last jobs report? The guy in the WH adult daycare touted the amount of new jobs created last as month 140,000, now think of the jobs lost, and how many millions of people that lost their jobs. His figure doesn't jive with the real numbers of what is actually going on. Most of the layoffs were with big businesses. Because of their size they could weather the lockdown and was therefore able to rehire the employees back. A very interesting tactic to employ to make the jobs report look inflated, but it was Trump's response to the bleak economic situation. REHIRE the people who lost their jobs to make him and his failed administration look good. Not.

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