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Trump: Painting ‘Black Lives Matter’ on 5th Avenue Would Be ‘Symbol of Hate' - Do You Agree?
by Causes
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  • Dominic
    Voted Yes

    I have never seen so much SHIT going on in our country in all my 71 years of being on this planet. And the democrats, participating, supporting, enabling an unseasoned youthful generation of MARXISTS, mainstream media lies, hate, desperate to take down what has been accomplished by a duly elected president because not one can come close to anything that has been accomplished by him. So instead of participating in solidarity until the next election, you all go out on limb to utterly destroy everything America has accomplished from the past to the present! Since the 3rd world peoples have been entering our country, a people with a different history, like Africans Americans, Latinos, who, instead of being acclimated as American citizens, the left sees fodder for dissent, hate, disruption, MARXISM and lies, segregation, tribalism, and all the dirty, filthy tactics they can cough up, to disrupt and create all the chaos they can just for a VOTE!! This isn't creative, talented thinking! The left could care less! Your the enemy of the people! You have them duped and you know it! We now have a bunch of DEPLORABLE THUGS in our Democrat party. Progressive banality of the worst kind!! The heart of man is deceitfully wicked above all things! And the democrats fit this perfectly!! SHALL I WASH THY FEET, MASTERS??

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