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The DC: Trump says painting ‘Black Lives Matter’ on 5th Ave would be ‘symbol of hate,' and... 📜 Should the Senate abolish the legislative filibuster?
by Causes
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  • Dennis

    Spanky Bonespurs’ statement that painting Black lives Matter on 5Th Avenue in Manhattan is a hate only proves fully that he is a racist to the core, and that Republicans, once the party of Lincoln have become the party of hate, white supremacy, and racism. As I, and so many of my friends, now call them, Repugnantcans fits so well. This disregard for science, hatred towards non-caucasians, love of despots like Putin, misogyny, hatred of gays, love and protection of the 1% of Wall Street, while Main Street suffers, lack of any viable options for national health insurance, lies and dissembling about the Covid pandemic (even suggestion that elder citizens would gladly die for the economy), and lack of response to Russian sponsored attacks on our military paints them 100% Repugnantcans and self serving sycophants of Spanky Bonespurs.

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