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Pelosi Calls for CDC to Mandate Masks - Do You Support Mandatory Masks for Americans?
by Causes
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  • Richard
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    This isn’t rocket science. This is a respiratory illness spread from and through people’s noses and mouths. Wearing a mask reduces the likelihood of sending and receiving droplets that contain the virus. This reduces the incidence of the disease and death. The principles of Charles Darwin, Natural Selection, Mother Nature etc. are more powerful than any societal principles or rights contained in the U.S. Constitution, Magna Carta, or the Communist Manifesto, etc. If you want to battle Mother Nature, then you have to interfere with her pathways of infection and her principles of epidemiology that spread her diseases in populations. It is an existential imperative if we want to survive. This is more important than re-opening the economy before herd immunity is achieved. Wear your face masks.

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