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Trump: Painting ‘Black Lives Matter’ on 5th Avenue Would Be ‘Symbol of Hate' - Do You Agree?
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  • Leslie
    Voted No

    Our racist in chief is playing his own “race card”. As someone recently said, “Trump is either projecting or confessing.” There has been systematic racial profiling and scapegoating for generations. It took watching a man being nonchalantly murdered for over 8 minutes for people to finally understand how little worth black human beings have among some segments of our population and some segments of our police force. Trump and the Republican Party have been using racist dog whistles in every national campaign since Nixon. I’ve heard my representatives brand themselves as the party of Lincoln seeking to stand in the hallowed reflection of the man who ended slavery. The present iteration of the Republican Party in the old South, however, was a reaction to President Johnson passing sweeping civil rights legislation in July,1964. As he was signing the bill, Johnson, a Democrat, commented that the Democratic Party had just lost the South for a generation. It’s been more than one generation at this point. Segregationists such as Strom Thurmond changed party affiliations from Democrat to Republican that same year in protest before the ink was dry on the bill. Others followed suit. The old South has become solidly Republican and it all started in1964. Southern politicians did not change parties to reflect the values Lincoln stood for, but as a rejection of Blacks getting their Civil Rights established. Did the Democrats start the KKK? They sure did. But that was shortly after the Civil War in Tennessee in 1865. Now the KKK feels more at ease with the Republican Party because the Orange Menace in the White House gives them a wink and a nod whenever he can. Both parties have evolved. The details of that evolution matter.

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