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Trump: Painting ‘Black Lives Matter’ on 5th Avenue Would Be ‘Symbol of Hate' - Do You Agree?
by Causes
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  • Francisco
    Voted No

    Black Lives Matter means that our humanity must come before everything else! Trump is totally out of touch. But Europeans and European-Americans are accustomed to a state of white privilege that has been created through colonialism, invasion. Occupation and genocide over the last 600.00 years! The victims of feudalism and European expansion or racial capitalism are illustrated by Black Lives Matter. But indentured servitude of the poor includes all races and colors! It starts with poor whites in Europe through Feudalism. It continues through a more colored lense as it expands into the cruelty of slavery and the colonizing of the rest of the world through invasion, occupation and violence! Europe is more open to the institutionalized racism that governs The West. Many in America recognize how the racial capitalist choices of the past marginalize and victimize the poor, particularly people of color in America. Trump is simply not one of us!! White Lives Matter is about love of and for humanity!

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