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Senate Debates $740B Defense Authorization, House Passes $1.5T Transportation & Infrastructure Package Plus an Obamacare Expansion
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    Given this administration’s tumultuous history with our national security, foreign policy, and the elimination of oversight, I am wary of endorsing any additional military spending beyond that needed to cover existing daily expenses: ie solider’ salaries and maintenance expenses. -------------- On a side note: JunnaLayn and I helped to form a small committee (group) on LinkedIn dedicated to furthering the conversations here on Countable and those not issues which Countable has chosen to step aside from. Please feel free to join us at the Treason Committee 2.0 Note: I have created this group with it's members’ privacy in mind. Neither membership to or group posts are noted on your professional profile page. Likewise, new members must be approved before being able to access any of the group’s content. Historical tidbit: According to the book "Lincoln's Citadel: The Civil War in Washington's DC" by Kenneth J Wrinkle, the original "Treason Committee" also known as the "Committee of Five," lead by Seward, was tasked with enormous responsibility of exposing and quashing "any conspiracy that might be brewing in the capital to prevent Lincoln's inauguration." It is on that original premise of the exposing conspiracies and bringing facts to light that this LinkedIn group has been formed and named after. All those ethically-minded political activists wishing to assist in this massive effort are welcome... 💌JimK, I sincerely hope you stop by and take a look. I think you will like what the group has to offer.

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