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Supreme Court Strikes Down Louisiana Abortion Law, Finds Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s Structure Unconstitutional
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  • Sharon

    Regarding the Consumer Protection case, if we did not have a president who freely fires anyone who disagrees with him or does not align with his self-interest, I would agree with the ruling so long as a board could be assembled that was not loaded with people who could be tempted to oversee with both eyes on their own (or their friends’ and families’) financial gain. However, the last 3.5 years have taught me that someone could be elected to the oval office that posses little ethical structure and flagrantly abuses his powers of appointment and termination (with collusion from the Senate members of his party) to replace the knowledgeable and experienced with inept, inexperienced bootlickers as well as to dismiss those who serve in their positions in accordance with the law and their responsibility to our society. I now wonder whether the right of appointment and termination should be restrained by law and oversight.


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