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Senate Defense Bill Increases Focus on Military Readiness to Counter China’s Aggression
by Causes
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    For all those who are not concerned and unaware of the threat China poses to the United States, I suggest you take your head out of your a** and do some investigating. And when I say investigate, I mean source your information outside of main stream media. Why? Because China controls and influences much of main stream media which is why it’s propagandized and you don’t hear about China as much as they are involved in manipulating you for their own interests. If you think Russia is a threat, they are not NEAR the super power that China has become in comparison. It is China that buys and owns our debt, not Russia. China is the greatest threat to our country right now should they elect to pursue it further. Wake up America and learn the truth! Stop being manipulated and influenced by those who wish to control you and amass power over you. Russia is an intentional distraction to mislead your attention.

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