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Senate Defense Bill Would Start Process of Renaming Military Assets Named After Confederates - Are You in Favor?
by Causes
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    The socialist left are trying to erase the history of our country. A name doesn't change facts. Our country is over 240-years old. Many mistakes have been made over the years (people/leaders make mistakes) and hopefully we've learned from those mistakes. The socialist left are creating havoc by rioting etc. for mistakes that happened over 200 years ago! It's history, it's in the past. It can't be changed--and changing a name, destroying property and history won't make it go away. Most people don't even know where/why these military bases/towns/streets etc. got their names and I highly doubt military personnel are taught how the base(s) got its name. Instead of rioting and causing destruction the rioters would be better off working to create peace and harmony. I like to think I have an open mind. I know I believe in equality for everyone. Watching what the rioters are doing is making me very prejudiced against them. Watching their behavior and destruction, listening to what they are saying is not what our Republic was created to be. These individuals are terrorists and anarchists working to destroy every good thing our country was created to be and all the good it has accomplished. These people need to have their citizenship taken away and deported from our country.


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