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Senate Defense Bill Would Start Process of Renaming Military Assets Named After Confederates - Are You in Favor?
by Causes
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  • Beth
    Voted Yes

    Yes, rename military bases named after Confederate soldiers who were not part of the US Military, initiated and fought a war against the US, and lost the right to own people as property. Why would we memorialize the Confederacy or other enemy (Nazis, bin Laden, etc) of the US especially if they attack the US and a war was fought? Rename the military bases, ships, remove statues, take the confederate flag off state flags & public places (and Nazi swastikas too), and add White Supremacy groups like KKK, Aryan Nation, Neo-Nazis, etc trying to revive confederacy or Nazism to domestic terrorism list! Place all artifacts in Civil War Museums where history is preserved so we can learn the lessons. Let’s not forget what this war was about, owning people like they were property, or the aftermath that start just after & lives on today of terrorizing freed slaves by white supremacy groups. Even if these confederate soldiers once fought in the US Army they are deserters and traitors for leaving and fighting against the US Army! Too much leniency in hopes of reconciliation which hasn’t happened as evidenced by White Supremacy groups trying to turn back time to before the Civil War (often called by the Confederacy the Great War)!

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