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Supreme Court Strikes Down Montana Ban on Students Using State Scholarships to Attend Religious Schools
by Causes
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  • Beth
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    This decision, in context, essentially says that those that have the resources to pay for private schooling can take taxpayer resources from those who cannot afford private schooling- thus removing taxpayer resources from public education to support private education which most taxpayers can ill-afford. Seems a lot like a stunt to transfer wealth to the more ‘entitled’ from the less ‘entitled’. This is particularly wrong in the context that many religious private schools do not allow actual science to be taught - arguing that many aspects of science do not match their religious leader’s particular interpretation of God’s will. Certainly, they are entitled to have their views, but they should not be entitled to use public resources to indoctrinate youth to their particular religious beliefs. That is, in effect, using public taxpayer dollars to support a particular religious doctrine. If this is deemed acceptable, it makes a very strong case to began taxing religious institutions as corporate entities for purposes of Federal, State and locality taxes. You really cannot logically support having it both ways. If religious institutions are permitted to benefit from public resources, than they need to pay their fair share of public resources. Perhaps this should be revisited with more complete arguments. I am tired of the wealthier ‘elite’ just presuming that they are simply entitled to tap common resources that support all of the rest of us. I am tired of ‘entitled’ prep-school rich boys making decisions that affirm the notion that wealthier people are in some way ‘elite’ and they deserve their ‘entitlements’.

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