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Pelosi Calls for CDC to Mandate Masks - Do You Support Mandatory Masks for Americans?
by Causes
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  • Mary

    Please make face masks mandatory. I protect you wearing one so why can't you protect me wearing one. I live in senior HUD housing. I have not been out of my apartment in well over a 100 days. I cannot safely pass someone in the hall who is not wearing a mask. Masks are not mandatory outside of our apartments. The Halls are too narrow to be 6 feet apart. Please make face masks mandatory so I can get out of my apartment and walk and get some exercise. I am 75 years old and at very high risk for Covid-19 and my pulmonary doctor does not want me walking The Halls unless all people are wearing masks. This our god-given duty to protect each other just like soldiers in a battlefield. This is a war, a war against a pandemic of which no likes we have ever seen. Is it your right to abandon the fellow soldier on the field that is fighting with and for you? You are doing the same thing when you do not wear a mask.

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