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Supreme Court Strikes Down Montana Ban on Students Using State Scholarships to Attend Religious Schools
by Causes
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  • Brian
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    I'm amazed at those who say such awful, disparaging things about public education. How do you think public schools got to be so bad in some areas? When the white people pulled all their children out because they didn't want their kids to go to school with black children? When the rich people said they could do better elsewhere so moved to rich neighborhoods and left the average public school with fewer students of wealth? When the religious right demanded that states allow their children to use public school funds to pay for their kids to go to religious schools? When the non-religious wealthy also demanded that the public school pay to send their kids to charter schools, even though charter schools often have lower outcomes? If public education is doing poorly, it's because all of these factors. Taking money out of public education, and stigmatizing public education as bad because it's diverse or non-religious or poor is not ever going to help public education be better.

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