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Should the U.S. Declare the KKK a Terrorist Group?
by Causes
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  • Alexandra
    Voted Yes

    Any extreme organization with values that spew hate and discriminate against another group of individuals has been and will continue to hold back our country in countless ways. America is a melting-pot and no one should be treated less than equal and be afraid to leave their homes. There are so many important issues we need to face as a country, and we need everyone to be involved together in unity. Blacks people were not brought here originally on their own accord. Now they are being punished by the KKK hate group for being here. It not only doesn’t make a bit of sense, it is 2020 and I’m shocked that the KKK hasn’t already been legally labeled and classified as a Terrorist group. This is sickening. We need lawmakers to take a deliberate and passionate stand against the KKK and any group that doesn’t want a unified and civil country. Thank you


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